E-Commerce Static


Ready-made Design Admin Panel
1 Domain Name Hosting 1 Year *
Bandwith 1 Year * Email Address
Responsive Design Design Revision 1
Guest Login Image Zoom Option
Payment Gateway Manage Categories
Products listing Multi-Image Upload
Instant Site Backup Live Chat integration



We have a ready-made website design. Also, we will Host your Website Shared Server and 1 Domain Name with Free Maintenance (**1 year). We will deliver the site within 6 days with high quality and standards. And we provide features like bandwidth, Email Address, Live Chat Integration, Instant Site Backup, Payment Gateway, MultiImage Upload, Image Zoom Option, product listing.
We have given the delivery duration days in respect of considering the days after you(user) have given complete requirements.

Free Maintenance Conditions

1.Monthly Website Updates only 2 times for the Packages
2. Jelly Web Host will not give a warranty or guarantee for the data (or) Information.
3. We will give data backup whenever the Client has asked to update their website.
4. We will give only 1-year Maintenance for Every Package.
5. Adding pages each page Cost will be Rs 300/-.

Hosting space

Hosting space will vary from time to time it depends upon server company.


Bandwidth will be depending upon the traffic of the website.we will host the website in Shared servers for Micro and Small Scale Industries.


Domains will be preferred for .com and .in extensions in some cases it will be co.in also.


The given E-mail Address will be Business Email id.


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